30 April 2010

Photography Degree Show

These are the designs we put forward for the end of year photography degree show campaign exhibited at the cube.

28 April 2010

Einstein's Dreams

For my photographic narrative I had chapter 10 May 1905 of the book Einstein’s dreams. This chapter was touching and effectively conveyed feelings of loneliness and the idea of isolation. There is an extra element of sadness represented by this chapter in the idea of these sensitive people are so effected by an incident or point in their life that they effectively get lost or begin to build their own mental prisons. For my series of photographs I had originally wanted to set my photographs to show people building walls of sorts around them but this didn’t cover enough of the ideas within the chapter for me so instead I carried the chapter in my mind and kept a camera by my side in order to capture single and quite abstract representations of what the chapter meant meant to me.

I have converted all of the images to gray, this was because I find the chapter although starts off quite colourful when describing the town quickly unfolds into a bleak, sad and colourless environment, devoid of much hope. This idea as well as individual messages is what I have also tried to capture through my subject matter and looked at what an abstract situation or object might be able to represent within the idea of solitude and loneliness.

"empty shell"


"lost time"


"last egg"

"inner scream"

"time line/knot"


Examples of photographers i found to hold some of the same ideas and set the same tones/emotions I wanted to convey.

26 April 2010

Aphex Twin - Nannou

Wow. This video as so aesthetically pleasing on so many levels. It is a magical and eerily beautiful piece directed by Laurent Briet for Aphex Twin’s single “Nannou”.

15 April 2010

Temporary Autonomous Art

Temporary Autonomous Art (TAA) exhibits work of all media and invites anyone of a creative nature to come down and join in or help out where ever they can. It's organised by an underground arts and culture based community who have organised events like these in a number of cities, involving live art, creative workshops, circus skills/poi workshops, relaxation/healing spaces, films, food and so much more. They help to transform unwanted and sometimes terminal buildings into open expressive creative socialising spaces, even if only for a few days. These images are just a fraction of the amount of pieces produced at the last TAA I attended.

13 April 2010

End sting

I was given the logo for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and asked to create an end sting based on the styles and ideas behind MoMA and what they do. I produced a number of story boards for different aspects of art and design held by MoMA ranging from film and photography to typography and print but I unfortunately only had time enough to produce two of these as final storyboards and then animations.

This is an end sting for MoMA based on Andy Warhol's print work specifically but is representative of screen printing and art work in general.

This is an end sting for MoMA based on Constructivism and New Type. For both of my animations I have simplified the concept as much as posible. In doing so I feel that the New Type end sting is the strongest at represents with clarity the aspacts of design it is supposed to.