13 April 2010

End sting

I was given the logo for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and asked to create an end sting based on the styles and ideas behind MoMA and what they do. I produced a number of story boards for different aspects of art and design held by MoMA ranging from film and photography to typography and print but I unfortunately only had time enough to produce two of these as final storyboards and then animations.

This is an end sting for MoMA based on Andy Warhol's print work specifically but is representative of screen printing and art work in general.

This is an end sting for MoMA based on Constructivism and New Type. For both of my animations I have simplified the concept as much as posible. In doing so I feel that the New Type end sting is the strongest at represents with clarity the aspacts of design it is supposed to.

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