8 February 2010


For this project i was teamed with other second year students from a variety of pathways. Jay and I are from Graphic Design, James from Illustration and Liz from Moving image. Overall I think we worked well together and although presses for time to complete our original vision we were happy with the compromises we had to make. As the manager I enjoyed working with new people and being able to motivate and mediate amongst the group.

The idea behind our animation was the concept of looking at the door as the separate choices we make through life. Although we each chose a section of the animation we wanted to represent a personal element of the choices we have made, we could all relate as many people could to all of the situations. We worked well to tie these elements together under on theme and were happy with the outcome.

For my section i chose to represent the idea of taking drugs. This wasn't just to show the swirly psychedelic physical affects stereotypically associated with drugs, but also to represent how this changes your perception on the people and other choices around you.

Stop frame animation of the walls to my room.

Stop frame animation of the hans incorporated into my room.

Unfortunately I'm unable to upload the file of my room animations but for the full feature and behind the scenes info log on to http://pigeons-blog.blogspot.com/.

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