16 October 2009

% Design Is..

Percentages shown as part of people, represented with tattoo on the arm/hand

Percentages represented with photographs

Percentages taken from a cutting mat

(Initial Ideas)

(Development Of Chosen Idea)

(Final Poster)

For this assignment i was given a percentages list of everyday aspects that make up design, e.g 3% the idea, 2% tea, 0.7% estimates 70% dealing with people etc. It was my job to communicate this idea to the first year graphic students in a suitable and noticeable manner. I chose the cutting mat to represent my percentages as it is a frequent tool of design and very recognisable to graphic designers everywhere. Originally i had hoped to take a real cutting mat and find a workshop that could take the sections i had applied for the percentages out of the mat itself. Time pressing i decided to scan a cutting mat from the first year studio in sections, piece it together and apply my percentages in illustrator. This worked nicely and left more room for correcting errors with layout. I used the different shapes so that the bracket the percentage size falls into (less than 1%=circle) would be easy to associate so you wouldn't necessarily need to read the number of every percentage to get the gist.

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