16 October 2009

Speak To Your Dad Day

I was asked to come up with five campaigns for the theme of "speak to your dad day" These are rough ideas of what i would produce.

I think this idea would speak more to the parents to sit down with their kids as apposed to influencing a child to go and speak to their parents. Although people of all ages drink tea or coffee it's seen more as and adult pass time, to sit down and have a chat with brew.

This ad is implying that kids only want to talk to their parents when it's urgent or they need something.

This idea touches on the every day home life and prompts you to talk to your dad about some of things kids may never mention. A combination of carefully selected fonts would work well on this poster.

This idea pulls you away from the overall idea of speak to your dad day as it invites you to leave notes of what you want to say to your dad instead of sitting down and saying it face to face, meaning you'd miss out on that personal contact.

This is a reminder to all of those children with long distance parents that with todays technology they are still just a couple of clicks away.

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