3 May 2010


The above A4 flyer I designed after researching into many different aspects of local and global issues that both society and our echo system faces with water. My final outcome was a simple idea that i think show's us a subtle glimpse into our future and some of the responsibilities that we might all soon be living with. The severity of the situation is implied by the large fine and with some of the important contacts listed implying that we no longer have all the energy i.e gas and electric we want whenever we want.

This is an example of some information graphics I have received off the council recently.

The above examples are a couple of information articles on how other people already collect and store their own rain water. These articles gave me the idea to do a council information piece realising that this will be the reality for most one day.

I really like the above graphics. I think the top example is an engaging way to interpret information but i would want something clear and very legible for it to work as a council piece.

Basic water saving tips.

What my council's been up to/council contact layout.

Below is a selection of pages from my photographic diary that are not only relevant but important facts about water global issues. The diary overall looks at many different aspects of climate change as well as water issues.

A selection of articles I have collected in my sketch book while researching. Reading through both local and global water issues you can never forget how it's all connected. Everything honest you read on climate change if it hasn't already inevitably will affect everyone. It seems bizarre to me that people seem blind to the obvious changes that need to be made.

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